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IT Solutions & IT Project Services

Velo IT Group’s managed IT services clients enjoy the benefits of turnkey IT project services that are delivered on time and are always on budget.

Because we know our client IT environments inside and out, we are able to deliver our IT projects knowing exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take to meet the business objects for each project. Velo IT Group is a managed IT services provider that provides more than unlimited IT support. We are an MSP dedicated to our clients and their success.

We help clients with server upgrades, backup and disaster recovery systems, cloud migrations, firewall upgrades, Office 365 migrations, network upgrades, VoIP phone systems, and more with our turnkey Hardware as a Service (HaaS) IT project services. Are you ready to have your next IT project completed on time and on budget?

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Hardware As A Service

Get the hardware, software, and services you need with zero capital investment through an all-inclusive monthly rate.

We also make sure our clients avoid surprise IT expenditures with the IT strategy component of our managed IT services program. As part of our IT strategy service, our IT consultants deliver IT budget outlooks, equipment end-of-life reports, asset replacement planning, business intelligence consulting, and more that will prepare you and your business for what’s coming. It’s our goal to help you stay current, get ahead of the competition, and increase margin –  without requiring large outlays of cash.

Velo IT Group Provides Hardware As A Service

IT Solutions

Quality IT Solutions that drive increased engagement, innovation, and growth.

We employ engineers who are certified in networking and systems specialties and who have years of experience delivering our SMB IT solutions.

This project team works together with our coordinators, our IT strategy team, and the client to ensure the project brings about the change or improvements needed in the business. Our dedicated IT project services team works only on projects so they can get into the rhythm of the process, make each project better than the last, and continue to deliver world-class results on time and on budget.

Migrate to the cloud

Move your data and/or applications to our secure, private hosted cloud service.

Backup & Recover Data

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Implementation Services will add a layer of protection to your business. Get set up with data backups on-site and offsite with swift recovery options.

Improve Network Security

A sophisticated managed firewall service can get you in compliance, and give you granular control over your network security.

Migrate to Office 365

Microsoft’s subscription program for licensing their software will save you cash and provide avenues for increased on-the-go productivity.

Improve Collaboration

Cisco’s VoIP phone systems provide for high Quality of Service (QoS), video collaboration, chat, instant messaging, and all the features of an enterprise phone system at SMB friendly prices.

Prevent Security Breaches

Our managed security services practice has all of the tools, services, and reporting necessary to gain industry compliance and comprehensive security for SMB’s.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Guide

Is Your IT Closet Starting To Look A Bit Scary?

Maybe you're planning for an IT infrastructure upgrade, or maybe you know you need to make a change, but you don't know where to start.‍

Download our IT Infrastructure Upgrade Guide for SMBs to learn how the pro's transition a tangled IT closet into something organized and easy to maintain.

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