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Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Velo IT Group’s experience in providing managed IT services for law firms has enabled us to save managing partners and firm administrators from spending countless hours dealing with technology issues.

Law Firms
Law Firms

We offer unparalleled IT management expertise specific to the legal industry with IT services and solutions tailored to the document management, time-keeping, and IT security needs of the growing law firm. Your attorneys and support staff will appreciate our highly responsive, white glove IT support. Additionally, you can trust Velo to deliver proactive, strategic advice as your law firm grows.

We take full responsibility for the maintenance of your IT infrastructure and we have a highly-experienced professional services team who can make sure your software and infrastructure upgrades provide a strong, positive impact to your team without interrupting the normal operations of your firm.

We Know Your Time Is Valuable

We want to help you recover time spent managing IT, so you can spend your time on things only you can do to grow your business.

We want to help you recover time spent managing IT so that you can spend it on the things that matter most to you and your company. If you spent less time managing IT for your firm, what kind of return would you have on that time? What kind of return could you get if your team experienced less IT interruption each week?

With Velo’s managed IT services for the distribution and wholesale industry, you can move forward with confidence as you build your company knowing you have a managed IT services team who cannot sleep if your IT systems are not supporting you every step of the way. Is it worth 15 minutes to discuss how you currently manage IT today and how Velo might be a fit for your company?

Velo IT Group CEO Taylor Toce

How Does It Work?

We partner with you to support, secure, maintain, and improve your IT infrastructure through our four service delivery teams.

Each team covers a different aspect of IT management for your company so at the end of the day, you’re completely covered. There are no loose ends, exceptions, or a la carte, add-on services. All of your IT infrastructure is managed by Velo’s highly experienced team.

For those firms who have an IT person on staff already, we can provide them additional resources and support as they carry out their responsibilities. We are happy to work with your IT personnel to create a valuable working relationship in which you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can continue to rely on your in-house IT person’s institutional knowledge and get the benefit of a managed IT services team’s depth and breadth of experience.

What Is Included?

We have four service delivery teams, and each one plays a critical role in our managed IT services.

With each of these services “baked-in” to your fixed monthly fee, you won’t have to sweat overage charges, on-site trips, or usage fees. Since we don’t send overage bills when you need us more frequently, we are highly motivated to ensure that your IT users experience as few issues as possible. Our teams work together to deliver IT solutions that make a valuable impact to your business.

How Much does It Cost?

Part of our cost structure is a win-win setup. In order to minimize usage-based billing, we have “baked-in” all aspects of it management into your monthly agreement so that the fewer issues you experience, the greater margin we experience.

We work diligently to reduce it issues at every turn so that your users have to call less frequently, and we can partner with you to focus on the big picture – whether that’s growth, efficiency, or improved compliance and security measures.

You can expect to pay a fixed fee based on how many it users you employ each month, and the only expense you’ll incur outside of your managed it services cost will be related to upgrade and improvement projects. When it’s time for you to implement a new technology that you agree will add significant value, our professional services team will work with you and any third-party software companies or developers to ensure those projects go smoothly and deliver the intended value.

Velo IT Group Engineering Team

Make the Switch

Are you tangled up with an Managed Service Provider you've outgrown?

We know making changes about information technology management is a big decision. If you're looking for managed IT services for the distribution and wholesale industry, we would be thrilled to share our methodology with you and see if Velo might be a fit for your business.

Considering switching managed IT service providers? Replacing or augmenting an in-house IT department? Both require careful consideration for every detail. We’ve managed all of these transitions before, and our proven methods for onboarding are sure to impress even your slowest change adopters. Click the link below to view our Onboarding Roadmap and see how your business can make the switch to Velo!

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