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Cybersecurity for SMBs is core to our managed IT services program. Our defense in depth cybersecurity program for SMBs covers IT security in a multitude of layers so that your company's data is as insulated and fortified as possible.

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While cybercriminals develop more and more automated methods for attacking SMBs, business owners and leaders have to respond. There is no longer any safety in obscurity. Just because your firm is not a household name doesn’t make it safe from cyber attacks. At Velo IT Group, we use a multi-layered defense-in-depth approach to IT security in order to combat threats from every angle.

Our Managed Security Services program, part of our comprehensive managed IT services program, tackles defense in depth cybersecurity for SMBs from the core components of the IT system all the way out to the farthest endpoint on the network.


Learn more about how to protect your business from disruptive and costly cyber attacks by downloading our free defense in depth guide.

Simply put, defense in depth is when you have many layers of security measures working together to build an effective defense for your IT systems, protecting your business from ransomware, data breaches, viruses, malware, phishing, data corruption, and more.

Velo IT Group’s managed IT services program includes the managed security services layers outlined in this guide in our clients’ monthly fixed fee agreements. We are leading the charge in security-first IT management for small and medium businesses – offering more included security services than any other MSP we’ve seen in the market. We invite you use this guide as a conversation starter inside your company to see how your cybersecurity posture stacks up. We know you’ll be glad you did!

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