IT Infrastructure Upgrade Guide for SMBs

Download our IT Infrastructure Upgrade Guide for SMBs to learn how the pro's transition a tangled IT closet into something organized and easy to maintain.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Guide for SMBs

Is your IT closet starting to look a bit scary?

Maybe you're planning for an IT infrastructure upgrade, or maybe you know you need to make a change, but you don't know where to start.

Often a matter of talent, care, or planning, a messy IT closet gets worse as time passes. Changes to where desks are located, to where phones and printers are located, and the addition of new staff are all events which add new tangles when proactive planning is lacking. A clean, well-organized server room or network closet is achievable if your IT services provider starts with a carefully designed and well documented plan that allows room for future changes and growth. Cable management perfection is just the cherry on top of a successful IT infrastructure upgrade project. IT infrastructure upgrade projects fall into the 80/20 rule without exception; their success is 80% dependent on planning and 20% dependent on execution.  

The processes and standards that drive successful IT upgrade projects here at Velo IT Group start with these planning steps – the 80%. We hope this guide will be helpful to you and your team as you make decisions about IT upgrades and infrastructure projects at your organization.

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