Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are frequently asked about our company and services. Feel free to use our search bar to quickly locate specific information. If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, we invite you to email us at, and we will respond within one business day.


Where does Velo provide service?

Our headquarters are in Dallas TX, and we have fully staffed offices in Houston TX and Lafayette LA. While most of our clients are in Texas and Louisiana, we currently serve companies in 13 states domestically and 4 countries worldwide, with the ability to offer on-site services to our clients in all major markets.  

How do you handle remote offices?

Velo actively supports remote offices (branches) for clients throughout the US and around the globe. While our data show that 99.98% of service requests are resolved remotely, we recognize on-site support is occasionally required, and is critical when needed. As such, while we directly serve most of our client locations with our own Velo team members on-site, we have established trusted contractor relationships in most major metro markets in order to provide on-site service throughout the U.S. and in major markets worldwide.

The Team

How many people make up Velo?

We have a total of 27 amazing team members across the Dallas, Houston, and Lafayette markets. Meet them here!  

How experienced are Velo’s engineers?

Our engineers have a combined total of 160 years of professional IT experience, averaging 11 years of experience per engineer (even our youngest engineer has over 5 years of experience!). Not only do we hire experienced professionals, but we encourage them to keep learning throughout their careers. We do this by providing a robust training and continuing education program with monthly time dedicated to training and development. The continued education, certification achievement, and constant desire to improve is what sets our engineers apart from others.  

How does Velo handle recruiting?

Velo continually invests in attracting, selecting, training, and retaining the best talent in our industry. We pursue excellence in our selection process, all starting with a great passion for team building from our Founder and CEO, Taylor Toce. We have built a recruiting and selection system which helps fuel our growth. We regularly search for people who are in alignment with our core values who can also execute on producing an impressive result for our clients. This has resulted in a cohesive, aligned, hardworking team with an unparalleled culture.


How does the switch from another provider to Velo work?

Very smoothly, actually! Having conducted regular client onboardings for many years, Velo has developed (and has continually improved) an onboarding plan which comprehensively addresses all the various areas of IT infrastructure coming into Velo’s management and control. This includes quarterbacking all the communication with your prior provider to gather information and transfer information to Velo. We also conduct a series of baseline assessments to give us an indication of immediate improvements we can make to the IT environment. This onboarding information allows us to start supporting your critical business technologies successfully right out of the gates. Within the first 60-90 days we will conduct your first Velo IT strategy meeting where we build an IT plan for your business. This is when the fun begins and the partnership between your organization and Velo starts to gain altitude!  

Will we experience any downtime when switching to Velo?

No extended downtime is required to switch from your current provider to Velo. Any brief downtime as the result of updating systems or installing our management tools (typically as simple as a reboot) will be coordinated to happen after hours at a time appropriate for you. If we are migrating hosted servers or systems from your current provider to Velo as part of the onboarding, we will coordinate any necessary migration related downtime to be off peak hours and after hours as necessary.  

How long does the onboarding process take?

Velo’s onboarding process takes 7 days to complete and comes in two main parts: pre-onboarding and onboarding day. Pre-onboarding is the process of information gathering and validation, typically starting 7 days prior to your onboarding day. In these 7 days, we gather information about your systems, so we are prepared to conduct an effective onboarding day. Then comes our favorite day, onboarding day! On onboarding day we “flip the switch,” and Velo becomes your managed services partner. We like to make sure the relationship starts off on the right foot, so we love to come in on onboarding day with several members of Team Velo and host a town-hall lunch for your team. We use this brief time to introduce ourselves and learn more about the IT “pain-points” in the organization so we can start helping (and building trust with your team) right away!

What is the fee for onboarding?

Velo does not charge an onboarding fee as long as a client is committing to a 3-year agreement. We are happy to offer shorter terms if desired, but these shorter terms would be subject to an onboarding fee typically equal to 1x – 2x the total of the monthly managed services fee.

Working With Velo

What types of clients does Velo handle? How do I know if my company and Velo are a good fit for each other?

We handle clients in almost every industry. Check out our “Who We Serve” tab for some specifics. Most of our clients are technology-dependent and have between 10 and 200 users. We have yet to encounter an industry that we couldn’t work with.

What if we need to move offices or open new offices – who manages that?

We can help you through the whole process. We’ve got a comprehensive checklist of items that should be done both before and after moving. We’ll take care of your technology and make sure you are fully up and running on time in the new office.

What Makes Velo Different?

What makes Velo different than other MSP’s or it partners?

We are a true partner to our clients. Their success is our success. We want them to have the most productive workdays possible, so we do everything we can to both solve and prevent IT problems using our unique Velo Method. A big part of our culture is that we are constantly striving to leave a positive impact on each client.  

What is the Velo method?

The Velo Method is a scientifically proven approach to delivering a secure and predictable IT environment. Our support, security, strength, and strategy engineers work together to ensure each client is following our comprehensive list of best practices. This method is what keeps your technology environment running smoothly, so that you can focus on production.


What’s included? What is considered out-of-scope?

Velo is completely focused on delivering our managed services package, The Velo Method, with around-the-clock service 365 days a year. Everything you need to keep your existing IT environment running and secured is included in the fixed monthly per-user fee. New projects and hardware/software purchases will be planned for and priced separately from the managed services agreement. Projects such as upgrading your servers, installing a new firewall, moving or opening a new office, would be initiatives outside the ongoing scope of the managed services agreement, and would be quoted as needed.

Does Velo bill hourly for support?

We believe a per-hour pricing model creates a conflict of interest between the client and the MSP. With this type of pricing, the MSP is getting paid extra for every problem that arises. They have no incentive to be proactive and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. By charging one flat fee, without limits to the amount of support you can receive, Velo is showing we have every incentive to make your IT infrastructure run as smoothly as possible making your workday, and ours, more productive.

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost?

One of the first questions we get asked when meeting with a prospective client is about how much managed IT services cost. The cost of managed IT services can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your IT environment, your business demands, how many technology users you have, additional projects you may need to execute, and the list goes on. For more information checkout this article: How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost?


What is managed detection response (MDR), and does Velo offer it?

MDR Services are included as part of our Managed Security Services program, The Velo Method. Through our experience, we have learned MDR services are critical to all businesses in order to prevent attacks from getting a foothold in your IT systems. To learn more about what is included in our program, take a look at our Managed Security Services Guide.

What is a security operations center (SOC), and does Velo offer it?

Velo’s Houston TX based Security Operations Center (SOC) analyzes security traffic for clients under the Managed Security Services program as part of The Velo Method. A well-tuned SOC is responsible for reviewing security logs and events from your IT environment and determining what is legitimate traffic and what traffic might be a security threat. Our award-winning SOC uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and real human intelligence (IQ) in order to filter through these security events and stop threats as early in the kill chain as possible.

What security features are included in Velo’s managed security services program?

Included with a client’s fixed monthly per-user rate, Velo includes an advanced compliance-ready security stack ready to start securing your IT environment just moments after onboarding. To learn about the details and specifics of this security stack, take a look at our Managed Security Services Guide.

What optional security services are available?

While our Managed Security Services program, as part of The Velo Method, provides comprehensive security coverage for most businesses, we recognize some companies might need extra coverage in key areas. Often these items might be related to certain industry compliance requirements or corporate security guidelines. In these cases, Velo offers advanced managed security services such as enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Penetration Testing services. These advanced DLP and Penetration Testing services are optional security components outside of what is included in our Managed Security Services program.  

Do you recommend cybersecurity insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend cybersecurity insurance to all clients. Velo’s cybersecurity program provides many layers of protection, but we must remember that the threat actors are always trying to stay ahead of our protections. Even the most thoughtfully prescribed cybersecurity defense can be breached. Cybersecurity insurance should be viewed as another element of your defense posture in ensuring your company can have the resources needed to recover in the event of a cyber-attack.

What is the difference between cybersecurity services and cybersecurity insurance?

Cybersecurity services will ensure the risk of a cyber-attack is minimized, but insurance will help you get back on your feet if something bad ever does happen. Think of this as car insurance. You need to get your car serviced for it to run smoothly (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.), but car insurance is essential in case something out of your control happens, like a car accident. Regular maintenance will help prevent a problem from happening in the first place, but in the event of a cybersecurity incident, insurance will put your company in the best position to recover.

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