Velo IT Group is a world-class managed IT services company focused on providing businesses with the technology and support needed to achieve maximum velocity in their markets.


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If your IT service provider is always offering band-aids without ever really solving the problems, they may be struggling to keep up.

Our Managed IT Services program is extremely proactive, meaning we solve the big picture problems, not just their nagging symptoms. Our systematic approach to implementing best practices, maintaining existing equipment, and providing strategic guidance changes the cycle – and overall IT issues diminish quickly.

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Managed IT services makes perfect sense for most small and medium businesses looking to outsource an IT department

You get the bandwidth of a whole team for about the cost of one or two full-time employees, plus you don’t have to worry about us taking a vacation, being out sick, or quitting unexpectedly. We’ll always be transparent with you as we describe our support process, our strategic recommendations, and our maintenance plans.

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We are an innovative, enthusiastic, committed, and talented group of IT professionals providing growing businesses with world-class IT strategy and support.

Several of us were born around the time Michael Dell launched the Dell Computer Company, right after Bill Gates was named the youngest billionaire ever. Before we left elementary school, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, Steve Jobs was back at Apple, and Dell had bought Perot Systems. We were raised in the 90’s when the Dow Jones Industrial average couldn’t be stopped, and the dot-com era was in full swing. We were taught the sky was the limit and with Michael Jordan as a role model, we believed it.

If you’re looking for a Managed IT Services company in Dallas, TX or Lafayette, LA providing an enthusiastic, process-driven, disciplined approach to IT management, Velo IT Group is a perfect fit for your business.

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