Proactive IT Management

Our disciplined approach to proactive IT management is managed by our Strength Team and delivered as part of our managed IT services program. We strengthen your IT environment's resiliency and stability through the implementation of our experience-driven best practices for IT management.

"We’ve been working with Velo for several years now, and they have been able to predict IT spending needs and deliver a reliable IT infrastructure to us. The proactive part of their services offering really does make a big difference in the reduction of IT support issues."

Velo IT Group Client Ashlee B. Systems Administrator At Commercial Insurance Brokerage Agency
Ashlee B.
Systems Administrator At Commercial Insurance Brokerage Agency

Best Practice Alignment

Our clients benefit from our years of hard-won experiences in solving IT issues for businesses of all types.

As part of our proactive approach with the Velo Method managed IT program, we have regularly-scheduled days for each client every month to work on aligning their technologies with our list of 200+ best practices. To learn more about proactive IT management services and what they entail, check out our Top 10 IT Best Practices Guide.

Velo IT Group security engineer Brian Trahan.
Velo IT Group Engineering Team

Thinking About Making The Switch?

We know making changes about information technology management is a big decision.

Considering switching IT service providers? Replacing or augmenting an in-house IT department? Both require careful consideration for every detail. We’ve managed all of these transitions before, and our proven methods for onboarding are sure to impress even your slowest change adopters. Click the link below to view our Onboarding Roadmap and see how your business can make the switch to Velo!

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