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Velo IT Group

Velo IT Group is a managed IT services provider headquartered in Dallas, TX with locations in Texas and Louisiana serving businesses throughout the US.

Velo IT Group Team

Our team has been working together since 2006 to provide IT strength, strategy, security, and support to growing businesses through monthly, fixed fee agreements. Business owners and administrators experience a huge relief in IT management burdens when they make the decision to switch to our managed IT services program. They get the full benefit of our comprehensive approach to proactive IT management we call – the Velo Method.

The goals of the Velo Method are simple – reduce IT issues and allow business owners to focus on production rather than technology. The methodology itself is a finely tuned machine combining proactive IT maintenance, strong IT best practices, strategic IT planning, the industry’s best IT security tools, and world-class IT support.

The story of how we got started...
Velo CEO Taylor Toce working in server room when Velo IT Group was first founded in 2006.
Founded In 2006
As a 17-year-old entering his senior year of high school in South Louisiana, Taylor Toce had amassed a small group of clients who counted on him to help them out with their IT needs through his church, school, and family. He enjoyed building relationships, solving technical problems, and building a team to help him with the bigger jobs. Taylor had high confidence that he had found a calling for his life not just in IT, but in entrepreneurship, so he decided to start a company.
2012 -2015 Focus on Scale
The business grew organically for years, going through at least a few iterations before a truly proactive methodology focused on IT consulting and IT support started to emerge. After graduating from college, getting married and starting a family, Taylor started to shift his focus from maintaining the business to scaling the business.
Velo CEO Taylor Toce working with Velo Team to scale Velo IT Group from 2012-2015.
Velo CEO Taylor and wife Ruthie refocused company brand with athletic business mindset.
2016 - Transformation
Becoming a student of sales strategies, operational efficiency, and leadership – Taylor and his wife, Ruthie felt prompted to take a close look at not only the financial health of the business but also their own personal health. During this transformational stage, they started to carve out a brand for the company focused on an athletic business mindset – focused on operational discipline and building a team-oriented internal culture.
2016 - The Big Move to Dallas
In January 2016, a new brand was born, and Velo IT Group was founded. While South Louisiana had been the company’s home since it began, it needed to draw on a bigger talent pool, and it needed faster sales growth to cover the costs of scaling, so the team took a leap of faith and moved their HQ from Lafayette, Louisiana to Dallas, Texas. Critical hires were made within the first year, and Velo’s leadership team started to take shape.
In 2016 Velo IT Group moves headquarters to Dallas, TX.
In 2018 Velo IT Group focuses on expansion.
2018 – Expansion
Sales took off right away, and Velo’s team quickly outgrew their first office space and had to move to a bigger suite by summer of 2018. With the team rapidly growing to serve an ever-expanding client base, Velo’s leadership team worked to improve the onboarding experience for both new hires and new clients through fine-tuned processes and uncommon hospitality. The new office space has been instrumental in facilitating these interactions for both clients and employees. As a service provider, Velo’s team recognizes that they are in the human capital business, and they are proud of maintaining a culture of in-person connectedness and hospitality regardless of remote work trends.

Velo’s business has grown at an average of 33% year over year, and with that sales growth, our team is continuing to grow as well. We are always looking for those ideal team players who want to build a career in IT services.