What Unlimited It Support Means At Velo It Group

What Unlimited It Support Means At Velo It Group
What Unlimited It Support Means At Velo It Group

When an MSP provides unlimited it support, that should mean that your interests and theirs are in alignment.

When companies offer “unlimited IT support,” they get stuck in a sick cycle focusing all their resources on managing support tickets and fail to zoom out and consider real, lasting solutions. And that’s where you get real velocity from IT.

While break-fix IT service providers no longer advertise their services as such, they still exist in the market today. They bundle together everything they can into a fixed-fee offering and call it managed services, but beware the company that has caps and limits on their support services.

Charging an hourly rate to fix IT issues creates a conflict of interest wherein the provider gets more money for more problems. Why would that provider ever be motivated to come up with a game-changing solution to your IT problems? Enter Unlimited IT Support for a fixed monthly fee.

When providers offer a fixed monthly fee that includes unlimited IT support, we are banking on our ability to control the number of support issues we receive each month. In fact, if we can eliminate issues through proactive efforts and strategic consulting, we will be more successful in our business. Also, our clients will have less issues to deal with! It’s a win-win for companies who are growth-oriented and need to have a stable and reliable IT infrastructure. Our ability to control our costs in providing world-class support depends on our success in delivering on all components of the Velo Method: Strength, Strategy, Security and Support.

A top managed services provider should include more than just unlimited IT support in their fixed fee service offering. Strategic consulting should be at the heart of their partnership with you. They should be looking down the road at your IT budget, what software and tools might give you a competitive edge, what assets are close to end-of-life, and what technologies will improve your processes.

Taylor Toce, President & CEO

The loyalty of an employee, but the bandwidth of a whole team.

Unlimited IT support is at the core of the harmony between an IT service company and its clients. It signifies a level of partnership that provides the same or greater value to the client as an employee would. An internal IT exec would build a stable and reliable IT infrastructure to provide value to his employer. The same goes for an MSP who offers unlimited support under a fixed-fee agreement. We have to perform our job well, or our support lines would ring off the hook, and our personnel costs would skyrocket.

While an internal IT exec may bleed company colors and work 80-hour weeks to keep up with the demands of your business, an MSP costs about the same annually but provides more value. No doubt we will bleed your company colors too! We have more people and more bandwidth, as well as a diverse skill set. We have generalists and specialists working in tandem to tackle the IT needs of your company from every angle.

We’d love to share our passion for IT management with you. Please use the contact form below to give us some information so we can reach out to you! It’s worth a 15-minute conversation to compare how you currently manage IT to the Velo Method.

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