Microsoft Teams Features You May Not Know About

Microsoft Teams Features You May Not Know About
Microsoft Teams Features You May Not Know About

Think you know Microsoft Teams? Think again!

Want to make the most out of your Microsoft Teams experience? Below we have listed a few features that will help you take advantage of all that Microsoft Teams offers!

1. Search bar doubles as a command line

The search bar is located at the top of the screen, and you can use the search bar as a command line to save time! Place your cursor in the search bar and press the / key. You will be presented with a list of helpful commands that you can use to navigate Teams.

Microsoft Teams search bar doubles as a command line.

2. Turn off notifications with DND

Are constant message notifications distracting you during work or an important meeting? Teams allows you to turn off those pesky notifications by enabling the do not disturb mode. Click your profile icon to change your status.

3. Mark messages as unread

Accidentally read a message that you don’t have the time to answer right away and want to come back to later? You can mark messages as unread by clicking the three dots next to a message and mark it as unread; that way, you will remember to follow up with it later when you have the time.

Microsoft Teams allows you to mark messages unread.

4. Bookmark content

If you have important messages that you want to find later, Teams gives you the option to bookmark messages. You can bookmark messages by clicking the three dots next to a message and click the bookmark icon. Find all your bookmarked messages by typing the command /saved into the search bar.

5. Survey the group with polls

Ever have questions and never get any answers? Instead of typing your questions into a channel, you can use a poll to gather answers more effectively. Click the Forms icon under the message box to create and send polls to your team.

6. Send urgent messages

To ensure important messages get read, you can customize your message as standard, important, and urgent. If you are needing an immediate reply, you can click the exclamation point below the message box before you hit send to mark the message as urgent. The recipient will get notifications every two minutes until the message is read.

Microsoft Teams allows you to send urgent messages.

7. Take meeting notes

If you have trouble remembering everything discussed in a meeting, you can take notes in the meeting chat. The Meeting Notes button will generate a panel on the right side for writing down notes, similar to the chat tab.

8. Use together mode

One of the newest features Teams offers is the ability to place all your meeting participants on a shared background to make it appear as if they are all in the same room. To engage this mode, locate your in-call background options and choose Together Mode.

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