What Are IT Support Services and Why Are They Essential?

What Are IT Support Services and Why Are They Essential?
What Are IT Support Services and Why Are They Essential?

IT support services are a vital piece of the puzzle for a parade of different industries. They provide a technical service in which they can offer assistance to your business by fixing a variety of technical issues you might have. This can be working out problems with your server, taking a closer look at your network configuration, troubleshooting that pesky printer, helping with moves, adds, and changes, and more.

Your users or colleagues will be given answers to problems they otherwise wouldn’t know how to solve. When using an MSP, your end users get the chance to work with a dedicated, metrics-driven group of professionals, all of whom are committed to solving problems and helping people get past issues and changes as quickly as possible.

One thing a support team understands more than anyone is how precious our working hours can be to our productivity and professional goals. IT support teams are generally measured on how long it takes them to resolve each ticket that comes in and how many they can solve in a given day. They are generally quite motivated to be quick problem solvers and efficient with their efforts. 

Think about every TV show or movie you’ve seen where the hero has to cut the right wire at the right time, or everything goes south. Now, think about an entire squad of individuals being able to do that day in, day out. Pretty impressive, right?

What is typically included in IT support services?

IT support services cover a broad spectrum of information technology. An IT support team or helpdesk team can provide “reactive” assistance when your company hires a new employee who needs a new computer, or when you’re having trouble printing, or perhaps if you’ve promoted someone and now need to grant them greater levels of access within your files and systems. In essence, your support team is there to help resolve any problem you’re having using information technology to do your job.

In the following entries, we’ll touch on a few of the many key components behind a successful IT support branch.

1. Computer repair

We all know that technology can glitch or break entirely, whether it be in the middle of the night or when we need it the most. As such, having a support team that knows how to get you back up and running in short order is absolutely clutch.

It could be a virus, the screen breaking, or perhaps some kind of overheating problem. It’s all about taking the time to analyze the evidence, diagnose the problem, see what can be done to solve it, and then follow through. Once your IT support team has gathered info and diagnosed the problem, it won’t be long before you are off to the races again.

2. Incident response

It’s important to be on the ball in this game, which goes without saying. Any kind of unplanned interruption to your service can be detrimental, and an outright outage can cost a company money with each and every passing second.

Nobody ever wants to sound the alarm when you’re in a tricky situation, but it’s nice to know that there’s a collective on hand to rectify the issue within a shorter timeframe than you may expect. Sure, fixing it will be a process for them, which is why having a meticulous IT support team can give you such relief.

3. Cloud support

In recent years, we’ve seen exponential growth with regard to the need for cloud support. Private clouds, public clouds, hybrid and multi - you name it, and people have it. These services all facilitate user data across your phone, laptop, and even tablet.

As such, there can often be a lot of room for worry, both for company material and private matters. Within an IT support service, you’ll get access to a team that is familiar with all of these systems, taking the stress away from those working in-house who aren’t sure how to navigate it themselves.

4. Technical assistance

Were you ever too nervous to put your hand up and ask the teacher a question back in the day? We’ve all probably been there to some extent, but as was the case all those years ago, there should never be any shame in that - not for one second.

If you have any kind of question or query, your team should be on hand to give you the reassurance, support, and answers you require. Maybe it’s something as simple as needing to access or printer or perhaps a shared folder system they’ve never seen before. The possibilities are endless.

5. Growth assistance or Moves, Adds, and Changes

Everyone wants to take their business to the next level. It’s one thing to say it, of course, but it’s another thing to make it happen. IT support services can really assist with your growth goals, largely through the importance of leveraging the support you have at your fingertips.

MAC - move, add, change. These are tickets we see all the time, and it stems from those who are new on the scene, whether it be via a new venture or a promotion within an existing job. They may just need a few new monitors or help on how a new part of the system works, but it all adds up.

If you’re patient and composed and lay out a proper game plan, there’s room for so much more than you once imagined. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

What are the benefits of IT support services?

Every cloud has a silver lining (pun fully intended), and every problem has a solution. IT support services may seem an unnecessary evil, but for so many companies out there, they can help drive productivity through the roof, which is really what most of us are working towards.

There are so many reasons why this is the case, but first and foremost, it’s a great cost-cutter. Instead of having to arrange your own in-house training, you can fall back on a fixed fee monthly rate that removes all of the excesses and all of the managerial overhead.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg - especially if you opt for Velo.

Expert resolutions

Settling for second best or simply settling for mediocrity without doing your research isn’t doing anyone any favors.

There’s a real difference when it comes to explaining what an expert actually is. An IT support team that is backed by certified, credentialed engineers and one lacking expertise can be seen almost instantly. There is a symbiotic relationship within the foundation of an MSP, and that translates into the best unlimited IT support on the market. At the heart of it, it all comes back to great customer service and alignment on the value of efficiency for both parties.

 At Velo, we have a professional set of experts who have spent years honing their craft. Our expertise in this department helps set us apart from so many of our competitors, and if you want to beat yours, this is the right approach to have.

Fast response times

There’s little to no point in being Speedy Gonzales if the only reason you’re doing it is to get there first. Instead, there needs to be a method behind the madness. Speed and the ability to deliver the right solution make IT support services a critical component of technology productivity. Right now, more than 65% of people have higher expectations for customer service than they did 3-5 years ago.

When your employees feel they have a committed team behind them, they’ll take full advantage. They won’t waste time trying to troubleshoot issues when they are out of their depth - they’ll reach out for help and get back on track as quickly as possible and with minimal downtime.

On-call system

Despite us all wishing otherwise, not everything falls perfectly into the 8-5 timeline. There are issues that arise at all hours, and, as you can imagine, that can be a pretty big pain in the neck. At Velo, we’ve found a way to try and combat that frustration.

For any after-hours emergencies, we operate an on-call system in the evenings and on weekends. This gives us the upper hand in providing you with constant, non-stop assistance, which will be music to the ears of all you night owls out there who never stop grinding.

Technology’s growth

Twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, and even ten years ago, very few could’ve imagined we would be where we are right now. New technological advancements are being made every single hour of every single day, and the majority of the country’s workforce can’t keep up.

So, why not put your trust in the hands of an IT support service that can? Their purpose through this venture is to take a look at what can be done and then go above and beyond. With over 4.95 billion internet users on the planet as of 2023, IT support service teams are here to help weave through the chaos.

Learn more with Velo IT Group

Here at Velo, the need for IT support serves as one of the pillars of our business model. It falls right in line with strength, strategy, and security, allowing us to carve out the perfect blueprint to help you with any IT needs you have.

Our team is US-based, well-trained, provides solid documentation, and will never give up in the face of adversity. We pride ourselves on having a friendly service that anyone can get on board with, and once you’re a part of the family, we treat you as such.

It doesn’t matter what field you fall into, either. With a quick call alongside members of our team, you’ll be able to get a good grasp on how exactly we can adapt our work to align with what you are hoping to achieve.

Yes, IT support services can be tricky. So, whether you’re unhappy with your in-house product or you just fancy a change of pace, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll see how we can help!

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