Cyber Security Fail: Call Her Miss(ed) Risk

Cyber Security Fail: Call Her Miss(ed) Risk
Cyber Security Fail: Call Her Miss(ed) Risk

It was a typical Tuesday morning in the workplace. The sun was shining, people were laughing, and there was a bright new day ahead — or, at least, that was what Miss Risk thought.

Dr. Evil is a cunning, shrewd hacker who lives to prey on business owners with IT systems that are vulnerable to attacks. Miss Risk, unfortunately, fell onto his hitlist, with the crafty Dr. Evil disguising himself as a trustworthy contact of his potential victim.

He led Miss Risk down the path of opening an encrypted and malicious email, and while she immediately realized the mistake she had made, it seemed like the damage had already been done. After her heart stopped beating at a frantic rate, she chose to believe she had closed the email in time - but she was wrong.

Dr. Evil’s great success

The patient Dr. Evil waited months, getting ready to strike at the perfect moment. When the sun went down on one unfortunate night, Evil worked his magic. He disabled Miss Risk’s security system, exposing her to any number of cyber threats.

As her employees came flooding into the office just hours later, they were met with a daunting message. Between a breached network and unprotected data, a quick note was staring back at them.

“You thought you missed this risk, Miss Risk. It’s time to pay the price or close down your business forever.” - Dr. Evil

What does a threat mean in cybersecurity?

Within the realm of cybersecurity, a threat is a malicious act that aims to damage or even steal data. The goal is to disrupt the digital life of the victim, either for their own financial gain or simply to cause panic. The motives can vary, and the same can be said for the way in which they conduct their business.

With a defense-in-depth program, you’re far more likely to receive layered coverage against this kind of disruption. Sure, there are still going to be problems out there, but you’ll be much more equipped to deal with them.

What are the 5 types of cybersecurity threats?

There’s no set quantity behind how many threats are out there because every single day, the Dr. Evils of the world are trying to carve out new ways to add another stressful ingredient to your plate. Below, we’ve listed just a handful of the most likely avenues they’ll try and go down.

  • Phishing 
  • Malware
  • Denial-of-service attack
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Password attack

Need help with a cybersecurity attack? Contact Velo

The story you’ve just read serves as a cautionary tale. The inability to prepare for cybersecurity attacks is pretty common across multiple industries and workplaces, whether due to false promises from an MSP or poor security from top to bottom. They’ve taken a half-measure when they should’ve gone all the way.

At Velo, that isn’t how we operate. Security is at the forefront of our operation within our managed IT services. We are there to try and ensure the smoothest experience possible for our clients, guiding them through every possible eventuality with regard to cybersecurity threats.

If that sounds like something you need help with or you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch.

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