4 Questions To Ask Yourself Today Concerning Your It Environment!

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Today Concerning Your It Environment!
4 Questions To Ask Yourself Today Concerning Your It Environment!

1. How confident are you in your MSP’s ability to protect your organization from a major cyber threat incident?

  • If your answer to this question is something like “I think they keep us secure” or “I haven’t really thought about it” this usually is a telltale sign that your MSP is falling short in both communication and keeping your company secure.
  • Securing an organization’s IT environment and keeping it aligned with IT best practices will always be an ongoing effort. Look at your company’s IT environment and security processes as an investment. Like any other investment, you would make to enhance your company’s operations and increase profit, investing in the right MSP will improve efficiency and overall technology performance while reducing risk.

2. Does your team have a routine process for auditing your MSP and your organization’s risk exposure, and defensibility against cyber threats?

  • We meet business leaders often, who, unfortunately, have very little to no baseline of how to evaluate their MSP’s performance and ability to keep them defensible to Cyber-threats.
  • Think of it like a routine dentist appointment you go to twice a year, it may not be fun or exciting, but it’s necessary for keeping your teeth healthy. The same goes for routinely checking your IT environment and its possible risk and defensibility against threat actors. Going unchecked could lead to security breaches and data loss.

3. How would your employees rate the responsiveness and service of your current MSP when it comes to providing remote support?

  • The story of an unresponsive support team is a tale as old as time. It’s one of the most common problems business owners face when they sit down and speak with us. Often when you think of an MSP, the first thing that comes to mind is the support side of IT. What happens if you experience an issue that takes a full day to get a response, and you end up wasting time, energy, and money while waiting on a response!
  • The support side of an MSP is only half of what you should be receiving from your IT provider and if they cannot deliver on the reactive side of things, it’s very unlikely that they are supporting you on the proactive side of IT.

4. How do you currently employ IT best practices throughout your organization, and could it be improved?

  • Would you believe us if we told you employees are responsible for 95% of data breaches? Human error is the number one cause of data breaches among organizations, making the implementation of cybersecurity training for employees even more crucial.
  • Such a high statistic can be quite daunting, especially for a large organization with many employees, but there are training and procedures that when implemented correctly and throughout your organization, can significantly reduce your company’s chance of a cyber incident.
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