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Managed IT Services for the Real Estate Industry

As the residential and commercial real estate market continues to grow, it's more crucial than ever for your firm to leverage strategic IT tactics to stay ahead of the competition and boost sales. Velo IT Group specializes in providing Managed IT Support for Real Estate firms.

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Real Estate

Scale Your Real Estate Agenct With Technology

Velo IT Group, an industry-leading, world-class Managed IT Services firm provides expert IT support for real estate firms and has performed successfully in the complex and often fast-paced world of commercial real estate and residential real estate. Providing a unique Managed IT Services solution for Real Estate, we can help your firm take advantage of best-in-class IT solutions and technology that supports your agents and brokers. This will allow them to focus on the growth of their business, knowing that the IT systems and technologies they need are there to support them in their efforts!

With an increasingly mobile workforce, real estate companies require technology that will allow their agents and brokers to be highly responsive to their clients from anywhere at any time. Velo IT Group specializes in providing IT support and IT solutions that keeps your team connected and ready to serve their clients at a moment’s notice. We understand the quick turnaround expected during a real estate transaction cycle while processing time sensitive documents, and we understand how to help keep the technology behind those transactions running smoothly. With Velo IT Group’s Managed IT Services for Real Estate, we can help make sure your team has the technology they need to stay up and running.

With a white glove IT support team focused on delivering fast, effective, and accurate solutions, your team members can turn around and offer the same high level of attentiveness required by your clients. We offer 24/7 support, because like real estate, we understand real estate is not a 9 to 5 business.

Velo IT Group brings IT support and IT solutions to the table that give you a competitive edge and will put in you in a position to provide the highest levels of service possible to your clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about our IT support for real estate, contact us now to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Elevating Real Estate Success with a Professional Managed IT Service Provider

In the dynamic real estate industry, staying ahead of the competition requires adopting innovative technology solutions that optimize property management, enhance client communication, and ensure data security. A professional managed IT service provider is crucial for implementing these cutting-edge tools, helping you navigate the complexities of the real estate market with ease. By partnering with IT experts who understand the unique challenges of the real estate sector, you can focus on growing your business, while your technology partner manages system maintenance, security, and support. Experience a new level of real estate success, powered by advanced IT solutions tailored to your industry's needs.

Velo CEO Taylor Toce working with Velo Team to scale Velo IT Group from 2012-2015.


We Partner With You To Support, Secure, Maintain, And Improve Your IT Infrastructure Through Our Four Service Delivery Teams.

Each team covers a different aspect of IT management for your company so at the end of the day, you’re completely covered. There are no loose ends, exceptions, or a la carte, add-on services. All of your IT infrastructure is managed by Velo’s highly experienced team.

For firms with in-house IT staff, we offer additional resources and support. We collaborate with your IT personnel, combining their institutional knowledge with our managed IT services team's expertise for the best of both worlds.

What Is Included in our IT services for Real Estate Firms?

We have four service delivery teams, and each one plays a critical role in our managed IT services.

With each of these services “baked-in” to your fixed monthly fee, you won’t have to sweat overage charges, on-site trips, or usage fees. Since we don’t send overage bills when you need us more frequently, we are highly motivated to ensure that your IT users experience as few issues as possible.

How Much does It Cost?

Part of our cost structure is a win-win setup. In order to minimize usage-based billing, we have “baked-in” all aspects of it management into your monthly agreement so that the fewer issues you experience, the greater margin we experience.

Expect a fixed monthly fee based on your IT user count, with extra costs only for upgrade/improvement projects. Our professional team will collaborate with you and third-parties for smooth implementation and delivery of valuable new technologies.‍

Velo IT Group Engineering Team

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Considering a new IT service provider or enhancing in-house IT? Our proven onboarding methods ensure smooth transitions. Check our Onboarding Roadmap to see how Velo can benefit your business!
Considering a new IT service provider or enhancing in-house IT? Our proven onboarding methods ensure smooth transitions. Check our Onboarding Roadmap to see how Velo can benefit your business!

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