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Managed IT Services for the Distribution and Wholesale industry

Multiple locations in multiple states? People needing to be connected to centralized systems to accommodate sales and shipping processes?

Distribution & Wholesale
Distribution & Wholesale

Distribution and Wholesale IT Servieces

Velo IT Group has a strong track record of providing Managed IT Services for the distribution and wholesale industry which have ultimately helped our clients increase efficiency, reduce and eliminate order and shipment errors, and increase operating margin. If you need mobile solutions for field workers, merchandisers, or sales and delivery personnel, Warehouse Management Systems, or pervasive WiFi in your warehouses, we are here to help. If you’re looking at an ERP migration and upgrade to provide greater uptime for systems that are critical to the sales and shipping processes, you can rely on us to get the job done.

With over a decade of experience providing managed IT services for distribution and wholesale industry companies – Velo IT Group is positioned to be your strategic partner in leveraging IT resources that will reduce issues and errors in your business, create accuracy and efficiencies, and ultimately help you improve your operating margin. Managed IT Services for distributors and wholesalers will help to strengthen, secure, and support your businesses IT systems while providing you valuable strategy that will help you achieve your business goals and generate the highest possible return on every IT dollar spent.

“We’ve been with Velo IT Group for several years now, and these guys are the real thing. They are highly responsive, committed to excellence, and they’ve helped us to modernize our IT infrastructure across multiple states. Velo delivered on all of their promises, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them.”
Todd Trahan
President, Cal-Chlor

Streamline Distribution and Wholesale Operations with an Elite Managed IT Service Provider

The distribution and wholesale industry relies on efficient and well-coordinated supply chain processes to meet customer demands and maintain profitability. By partnering with an elite managed IT service provider, you can optimize these processes with cutting-edge technology solutions that drive efficiency, enhance inventory management, and ensure smooth communication. As your trusted IT partner takes care of infrastructure maintenance, security, and support, you can focus on expanding your business and meeting the evolving needs of your customers in this fast-paced, competitive industry.

Velo CEO Taylor Toce working with Velo Team to scale Velo IT Group from 2012-2015.


We Partner With You To Support, Secure, Maintain, And Improve Your IT Infrastructure Through Our Four Service Delivery Teams.

Each team covers a different aspect of IT management for your company so at the end of the day, you’re completely covered. There are no loose ends, exceptions, or a la carte, add-on services. All of your IT infrastructure is managed by Velo’s highly experienced team.

For firms with in-house IT staff, we offer additional resources and support. We collaborate with your IT personnel, combining their institutional knowledge with our managed IT services team's expertise for the best of both worlds.

What Is Included in our managed IT services for distribution & wholesale companies

We have four service delivery teams, and each one plays a critical role in our managed IT services.

With each of these services “baked-in” to your fixed monthly fee, you won’t have to sweat overage charges, on-site trips, or usage fees. Since we don’t send overage bills when you need us more frequently, we are highly motivated to ensure that your IT users experience as few issues as possible.

How Much does It Cost?

Part of our cost structure is a win-win setup. In order to minimize usage-based billing, we have “baked-in” all aspects of it management into your monthly agreement so that the fewer issues you experience, the greater margin we experience.

Expect a fixed monthly fee based on your IT user count, with extra costs only for upgrade/improvement projects. Our professional team will collaborate with you and third-parties for smooth implementation and delivery of valuable new technologies.‍

Velo IT Group Engineering Team

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Considering a new IT service provider or enhancing in-house IT? Our proven onboarding methods ensure smooth transitions. Check our Onboarding Roadmap to see how Velo can benefit your business!
Considering a new IT service provider or enhancing in-house IT? Our proven onboarding methods ensure smooth transitions. Check our Onboarding Roadmap to see how Velo can benefit your business!

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