Ruthie Toce

Ruthie Toce


With a background in public relations and marketing, Ruthie had a non-traditional path towards accounting and finance. After finishing a degree in PR from UL Lafayette, Ruthie worked for several years in marketing before joining her husband Taylor Toce in growing Velo IT Group. Back then, she helped out with accounting, operations analytics, and helped to build the website. Today, she focuses the majority of her time overseeing the accounting team and delivering financial reports and analytics to Velo’s leadership team.

Tell us about your background.

“I started my career interning at ad agencies in college. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, I moved on to be the marketing director for the local bar association in Lafayette, Louisiana. After a few years at the bar association, I started to see the potential of joining Taylor in building Velo full-time. At that point, we were “all-in;” what had begun as a college side hustle for Taylor became our full-time, night and day vocation.

I’m also a proud mommy of three beautiful kids, and I am lucky to have a wonderful support system both at work and at home that enables Taylor and I to both to pour our hearts and souls into building out the vision we have for this company while maintaining a healthy family life at home.”

What do you like best about working at Velo?

“I love getting to carve out new job roles as our company grows and we are able to hand off more and more responsibilities to new team members. Over the years,  I’ve been a bookkeeper, a web developer, a graphic designer, a service coordinator, a controller, an operations director, a project manager, a software integration problem solver, a training developer, and not least of all – a one-woman HR department. I love watching people grow and discover new capabilities, and more than anything I love watching one of the roles I carved out become someone’s full-time job where they get to perfect the role, and grow both personally and professionally.”