Ian DeRizzio

Ian DeRizzio

Senior Strength Engineer

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am an Air Force Brat. I grew up in a lot of different places as a kid. I lived in Okinawa, Japan, Spain, and Germany. My family moved back to Texas for High School. I have played just about every sport on land; basketball, football, soccer, and track and field. I ran track in college, majored in Biology, and tried my hand at professional football before an injury took me out of training camp. I like to be outdoors with my dog and my fiancèe, travel to new places and countries, and workout.”

How did you get started in IT?

“I had regularly tinkered with computer programming and gaming as a kid, which involved a lot of basic troubleshooting of network and hardware issues. In a corporate environment, I got started in IT on my last job as an Assistant Operations Manager for Hyatt  I took on a few different IT projects with our IT manager and realized that I really enjoyed it  I felt that being in the corporate environment and working in the IT sector was far more interesting than anything else I was doing professionally. I wanted to take a full dive into it and move my career forward in IT.”

Why did you choose to work at Velo?

“I chose to work at Velo because I liked what I saw when I researched the company. Dedicated to growth both in the industry and individually as an IT professional. I liked the culture that was presented, with a mix of professionalism, sports and philosophy, and the dedication to service-oriented IT practices. I had watched some of the video testimonials from employees, talking about the job, how they grew in their positions and their variety of problems solved on a daily basis  It really excited me to think about all the things I could/would learn by working with Velo.”

What do you consider your greatest strength?

“I think my greatest strengths are my adaptability and ability to learn and process new information quickly  It has really helped me throughout my professional career  I think that it makes a huge difference in my ability to do a job successfully and it also helps to keep me motivated throughout tasks that prove a little difficult at first.”

Favorite quote?

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations” -Dr. Mae Jemison

“I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.” -Kobe