Adam Greiner

Adam Greiner

Sr. Security Engineer

Meet Adam Greiner, a Strength Engineer at Velo IT Group! Adam is located in our Houston office.

How did you get started in IT?

“I have always had an affinity for computer science.  In high school, I hung out with the Net-Tech crowd.  I built my first computer as I was heading off to college.  More computers = more fun, so networking was the obvious evolution.  After graduation, I was offered a position as an IT Administrator.”

Why did you choose to work at Velo?

“I have worked with other MSPs in the past whose interests I felt were at odds with those of my company.  Velo is truly invested in the success of its clients.  I have always taken a lot of ownership in the places I have worked, so that is important to me.  Velo’s new Houston office looked like an opportunity to make a real impact and foster that same client-focused attitude as the new office grows.”

What do you consider your greatest strength?

“I am doggedly determined to know why.  It is never enough for me to just patch a problem.  I try to first root out the core issue, and if a patch is necessary to get things moving, I keep coming back to find a better solution.”

Favorite Quote?

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”